About Us

Pulaski Heights Elementary

The Best for Hillcrest

Pulaski Heights Elementary (PHE) is located in the Hillcrest, a historic Little Rock neighborhood known for creativity, community activity, and a walkable lifestyle. Our school has excellent academics. While many public schools are cutting learning programs, PHE sustains programs that promote healthy living, cultural awareness, and creativity.

Healthy Children

Our PTA maintains a garden, an outdoor learning center, and a bird habitat. Children plan, plant, maintain, cook, and eat the fruits and vegetables. Many children walk to and from school, and we employ crossing guards to ensure their safety. Because many classmates live within walking distance, it is easy to make new friends.

Caring Teachers

In addition to our classroom teachers, we employ a host of helpful staff:

  • librarian
  • gifted education teacher
  • special education staff
  • speech pathologist
  • occupational therapist
  • music teacher
  • counselor
  • physical education teacher
  • art teachers
  • Spanish teacher, sponsored by the PTA
  • Garden teacher, sponsored by the PTA

Outstanding Volunteerism

Volunteers at our school contribute more than 60 hours per student in service every year.  They provide individual students with extra attention, maintain our school grounds, and support our teachers. It makes a difference!